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Is Ketamine Legal?

Is Ketamine Legal? | Is Ketamine Illegal In US?Is Ketamine Legal?

Is Ketamine Legal? Ketamine is available via prescription only.

There are no countries where ketamine is legal for recreational use. This means any ketamine you order online or in-person without a valid prescription is illegal or black market ketamine. Some of this black market ketamine is stolen from veterinarian supplies — some are made in an illicit lab with varying levels of purity.

While we never condone the use of illicit drugs, we’d like to remind you to always test your drugs before you use them should you choose to do so. One of the biggest risks of taking black market ketamine is the adulteration with other dangerous drugs — such as NBOMes or fentanyl.

There are a few prescription ketamine drugs on the market today, including:

  • Ketalar® — JHP Pharmaceuticals
  • Ketaject® — Phoenix Pharmaceuticals
  • Ketaset® — Zoetis
  • Spravato® — Johnson & Johnson

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