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6-Ethyl-6-nor-lysergic acid diethylamide, or ETH-LAD, is a derivative of LSD. The main difference between the compounds is an addition of an ethyl group in ETH-LAD.Its human psychopharmacology was first described by Alexander Shulgin in the book TiHKAL. ETH-LAD is a psychedelic drug similar to LSD, and is slightly more potent than LSD itself. Also, the active dose reported at between 20 and 150 micrograms. Research chemical vendors commercially distribute it online as psychedelics.

ETH-LAD has unknown subjective effects. Nevertheless,some user reports suggest that the effects are somewhat similar to those of LSD.

6-ethyl-6-nor-lysergic acid diethylamide, is a synthetic alkaloid of the lysergamide chemical class. ETH-LAD is a structural analog of lysergic acid with an N,N-diethylamide functional group bound to RN of the chemical structure. This core polycyclic structure is an indole derivative and has both overlapping tryptamine and phenethylamine skeletons embedded within its molecular structure (although it is principally classified as a tryptamine). ETH-LAD’s structure contains a bicyclic hexahydroindole fused to a bicyclic quinoline group (nor-lysergic acid).

It does not contain a methyl group substituted at R6 of its nor-lysergic acid skeleton as is the case with LSD; this is represented by the nor- prefix. Instead, it is substituted at R6 with an ethyl group. At carbon 8 of the quinoline, a N,N-diethyl carboxamide is bound in the same configuration of LSD.

ETH-LAD is a chiral compound with two stereocenters at R5 and R8. It also called (+)-D-ETH-LAD, has an absolute configuration of (5R, 8R).

The cognitive effects of ETH-LAD can be broken down into several components which progressively intensify proportional to dosage. In comparison to other psychedelics such as psilocybin mushrooms and ayahuasca, it is often described as significantly more stimulating and fast-paced in terms of the specific style of thought stream(s) produced and contains a large number of potential effects. It should be noted that that higher doses appear to be readily capable of producing cognitive impairment and general sensory processing overload for reasons that are not currently understood


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