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The Smartshop at Chem-Head Shop carries one of the biggest assortments of natural psychedelics, power herbs, energisers, and aphrodisiacs on the web. Here at Chem-Head Shop, we are proud to offer our customers first-rate products at spectacularly low prices!

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Welcome to the most comprehensive smartshop in the cosmos. At Chem-Head Shop, we stock everything the wandering psychonaut might need. Derived from Mother Nature herself, our incredible range of products has the ability to alter the mind in weird yet wonderful ways.

What is Smartshop?

A smartshop is a retailer of all things psychoactive. You will find most smartshops based in the Netherlands, where many natural psychoactive compounds are classified as supplements and thus more readily available to the public—like magic truffles or salvia. And that is the defining characteristic of a smartshop—that they actually sell psychoactive compounds.

While many refer to smartshops as headshops, headshops do not actually sell psychoactive substances—only paraphernalia related to them. So you may be able to get the world’s best bong in a headshop, but you won’t find any truffles there! Another essential characteristic of the smartshop is that they only sell natural psychoactive compounds. Synthesised ones are classified differently and more regulated under Dutch law.

Not only do smartshops sell these psychoactive substances, but they are a one-stop-shop for comprehensive information on them. And if you need information, look no further than this font of all things psychedelic, Chem-Head Shop! The staff in any good smartshop should be knowledgeable about their products and give you meaningful, sensible advice.

They’re called smartshops because the substances they sell are associated with enhanced cognitive function. Though, depending on what you want to use them for, you shouldn’t take this too literally. Regarding their history, it’s not well documented. But the Netherlands began taking a liberal view of certain drugs in the ’60s, with the first official coffeeshop opening in 1975 – Bulldog. A significant reduction in serious crime was observed by allowing certain drugs to be openly used and traded. Smartshops likely sprung up alongside the rise in coffeeshops.



Of course, there’s something special about going into a smartshop and seeing shelves decked with delicious psychedelics. But it’s not always the most convenient option. Online smartshops offer an easy alternative to shopping in person.

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Used for centuries by shamans, spiritual gurus, and naturalists the world over. Harness the diverse toolset of Mother Nature with our range of seeds, grow kits, powdered extracts, and raw herbs. Give your physical and spiritual being an herbal kick with an exotic selection that won’t leave you high and dry.

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