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Mycrochips Psychedelic Chocolate

Buy Microchips psychedelic chocolate Online

Mycrochips Psychedelic Chocolate bar is calibrated to harmonize, enhance and optimize your daily rhythms, benefit from an increase in creativity and focus, while generating new natural pathway. The hologaze *rainbow surface arrives at your eyes by virtue of texture and light ( not only chemical film or ” ingredients”)
Enjoy the multisensory experience.

Mycrochips Chocolate Review

” the imagination is the golden pathway to everywhwere”
Terence McKenna

Indigenous cultures have used entheogenic psilocybin mushrooms in ceremony, divination, and healing for millennia
Drawing from the Earth’s abundant pharmacopoeia.


Mycrochips Psychedelic Chocolate

Mycrochip Chocolate Recommendation Of Dose Legend

1-3 PCs Mycro 🍄
4-7 psc Threshold 🍄🍄
8-12 pcs Macro 🍄🍄🍄

Microchips Chocolate Ingredients:

Organic cocoa, organic Cocoa butter, organic raw sugar organic botanical blend organic lab grad psilocybin mushrooms

No Dairy, no nuts no gluten no refined sugar

Microchips Organic Psychedelic Chocolate Effects

You can always take more Mycrochips Psychedelic Chocolate, but you can never take less
Don’t operate heavy machinery on 🍄

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